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Sam’s political foray in the 1990’s changed Hillsborough County politics forever by his direct campaign management of two conservative Republican candidates for County Commissioner.

In 1998, Sam challenged the stranglehold of county politics of Tampa residents by defeating their heavily favored incumbent with a lopsided 80%-20% by his hand-picked and previously unknown candidate who was outspent almost five to one ($240,000 versus $50,000), over a increase in sales-tax issue.

In 2000, he then challenged the Tampa Democrat's 100+ year majority rule on the County Commission by his hand-picked and managed Republican candidate’s 0.5% victory in a heavily Democratic-registered district allowing the Board of County Commissioners to obtain a majority of Republicans for the first time since the incorporation of the Hillsborough County.


This majority put county Republicans in charge of the redistricting process for the first time in the history of Hillsborough County and allowed for a complete overhaul of the entrenched administration and its liberal taxing policies.


This monumental shift on the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners moved the power base to the suburban residents of the county as opposed to the heavily Democratic residents of the city of Tampa, that had previously controlled five of the seven elected county commission seats and, as a result of this victory, in 2002, the county was fairly redistricted by a super majority of Republicans and has since held a majority or super majority of Republicans on the dais.


Today, Sam remains involved in local politics and is known for his reputation to challenge any incumbent legislator that votes contrary to the core conservative philosophy which he, and most suburban Hillsborough County residents, profess.    >more

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